Vendor FAQs

Q: Can I share a booth?

A: Yes, you can share with one, and only one, other exhibitor. Both exhibitors must submit information on one application. Each exhibitor must submit photos, therefore your one application will require a minimum of six (6) product photos and two (2) booth photos. Alternatively, you can create a "mock booth" and submit photos of your combined booth and products. Each exhibitor will be juried individually and it is possible that one will not be accepted. 

Q: How can I register without uploading my photos?

A: Because we must be able to see your merchandise and booth photos in order to jury your application, uploading photos is a requirement to registering. We must have one (1) booth photo and a minimum of three (3) merchandise photos. If you have any problems with this requirement, send an email to

Q: What if I've never taken a photo of my booth or never had a booth before?

A: Exhibitor booth presentation is very important to the overall quality of the festival. In order to effectively jury all exhibitors, we must have some visual representation of how you will be displaying your goods at the festival. This may require you to set up a "mock booth" at your house or business in order to meet this requirement. You will not be considered if you don't submit a booth photo.

Q: If I submitted the photos in previous years, do I have to do it again?

A: Yes. We are not able to to retain any uploaded documents. Acceptance is based on your submission of three (3) photos detailing the product(s) you will be selling and one (1) photo of your booth presentation.

Q: Can I request my booth assignment be in a specific location?

A: We will always try to accommodate all booth requests, but space limitations may prevent us from doing so. The earlier you register, the more likely your request will be met.

Q: I have my own canopy. Why can't I use it?

A: All fire-resistant canopies must be provided by Abbot Kinney Festival Association (AKFA). Since 2008, the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) has enforced this policy in order to adhere to Los Angeles City Fire Requirements. We do work with a small number of vendors to accommodate their branded canopies.  Email for more information.

Q: Is my credit card charged before I am accepted?

A: Yes, your credit card is charged immediately upon completing your application. If you are not accepted, a full refund will be issued within 3-4 weeks after your submission.

Q: Are tables and chairs provided?

A: No. AKFA does not provide electrical hookups, electrical outlets, power strips, water, tables, chairs, easels, or banners.

Q: Is electricity provided or available?

A: No. AKFA does not provide electrical hookups, electrical outlets, power strips, water, tables, chairs, easels, or banners. If you are interested in renting a generator, email

Q: How early can I arrive to set up my exhibitor booth?

A: 7:00 am. Up until 7:00, the canopies are being set up. It's unsafe and inefficient to have vendors on the boulevard before that is complete.

Q: What's the parking situation?

A: Parking is not provided with your registration. Parking and transportation information will be posted on this site prior to the Abbot Kinney Festival.

Q: How can I advertise in festival guides or on the website?

A: There are two areas to advertise with the Abbot Kinney Festival: (1) advertising in our festival guide -- thousands are distributed to Whole Foods customers the week prior to the festival and are also distributed to the community and attendees of the festival; and (2) advertising on our website. To inquire about either or both options, email

Q: How do I become a sponsor?

A: We thought you'd never ask! See our sponsor page here for more information and contact Kim at or 310-904-9736. We look forward to discussing the options with you.