2015 Abbot Kinney Festival Poster


We are excited to present the 2015 Abbot Kinney Festival Poster! We love the festive design by Eric Junker - it captures the warm vibe of the festival, don't you think?

Bring a piece of the festival home with a poster! They will be available to purchase at the festival and online. One couple we know met at the Abbot Kinney Festival 13 years ago. They've been coming to the festival together ever since and every year they bring home a festival poster to add to their collection! Maybe this is the year you'll start your collection...

Eric Junker is a Los Angeles based creative thinker, designer and artist. His experience writing, teaching, playing music, camping, and surfing fuels his insights on merging artful thinking, communication, and living well. He creates brands, designs posters, paints murals, loves outdoor adventures and food, and is a frequent speaker at USC's Marshall School of Business.