2017 registration is closed.

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Load-In: 7:00 AM  /  TEAR-DOWN: 6:00PM

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Website: www.abbotkinney.org

Twitter: @AbbotKinneyFest

Facebook: Facebook.com/AbbotKinneyFestival

Instagram: @AbbotKinneyFestival


Here are a few sample tweets and posts to get you started on how to share your excitement about the 2017 Abbot Kinney Festival! 

  • Come by our booth #AKF2017 on 9/24. Thrilled to be giving back. Learn more: abbotkinney.org. #nonprofit #LosAngeles
  • On Sun 9/24, 10-6, we'll have a booth at the amazing #AKF2017. Come by! abbotkinney.org
  • Thrilled to be in the #Venice community. Join us on 9/24 as we celebrate with the amazing #AKF2017: abbotkinney.org


  • Mark your calendar! The #AKF2017 is on 9/24 this year. Learn more & please share: abbotkinney.org. #LosAngeles #nonprofit

See more on this pdf you can download for easy reference.