2016 Abbot Kinney Festival Is  Completely Sold Out!

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For your booth number and designated entrance, click here.

For the map indicating where booth numbers are located, click here.

Load-in: 7:00AM (no earlier)

Load in at the following streets based on your booth space number. Cars will not be admitted onto Abbot Kinney after 9:00 am per LAFD and all cars must be off the street by 9:30 am.

Entry and Exit Assignments:

Booth # 1 - 207:
Enter on Westminster at Electric
Westminster Loading Permit

Booth # 208 - 500
Enter on California at Electric
California Loading Permit

Booth # 501 - 729:
Enter on Venice at Abbot Kinney
Venice Loading Permit

Tear-down: 6:00PM

All vendors must stop selling at 6PM sharp.

Vendors will be given a one year suspension if they continue to sell after 6pm.  

LAPD will clear the street of pedestrians and once deemed safe, vendor vehicles will be allowed on the street to pack up.  

  • Re-entry to the street is at the same entrances as in the morning Load-In. NO EXCEPTIONS!

  • Please Remember….One-Way flow of traffic at all times to alleviate any traffic jams.

A few tips to help you find your booth:

  • Booths are numbered in 10' increments with #1 starting at Main Street and increasing towards Venice Blvd.  
  • Odd numbered booth numbers correspond with the odd number side of the street addresses.
  • Even booth numbers are on the even side of street addresses.
  • A placard will be on each booth with the Vendor's name and booth number for easy identification.

Please review the attached booth assignment roster for your booth assignment and if you paid for an end space, make sure you have "end space" next to your company name.  

For those that had a special booth placement request , we made every effort to accommodate your request.  If you PAID the additional $125 fee and "'End Space" is not indicated, please contact Kim at kim@abbotkinney.org or 310-396-3772.  

We are excited to announce we will have a "Vendor Information " booth to assist with any problems in front of 1301 Abbot Kinney Blvd (corner of Santa Clara & Abbot Kinney).  If you have any problems with your booth, canopy, etc. please come to this location so we can more efficiently assist you. If you need to reach someone festival day, call 310-396-3772.

Also, just a friendly reminder about your booth presentation.  We photograph each vendor's booth and review them for your future participation.  Please maintain the integrity of your booth to mirror the image of your brand.  We discourage handwritten signs, cardboard boxes, merchandise dumped into bins, etc.  

Don't forget to spread the word!

Facebook: Facebook.com/AbbotKinneyFestival

Instagram: @AbbotKinneyFestival

Twitter: @AbbotKinneyFest

Website: http://www.abbotkinney.org

Hashtag (Twitter, Instagram): #AKF2016



1301 Abbot Kinney Blvd
(at Santa Clara). 

If you have any problems with your booth, canopy, etc. please come to this location so we can more efficiently assist you. 


Restaurants that will be open early serving coffee and breakfast options:

  • Abbot’s Habit
    1401 Abbot Kinney
    (at California)
  • Butcher’s Daughter
    1205 Abbot Kinney (Between Santa Clara & San Juan)
  • 3 Square Cafe & Bakery
    1121 Abbot Kinney
    (at San Juan)
  • Hal’s Bar & Grill
    1025 Abbot Kinney (Between Westminster &  Broadway)

Here are a few sample tweets and posts to get you started on how to share your excitement about the 2016 Abbot Kinney Festival! 

  • Come by our booth #AKF2016 on 9/25. Thrilled to be giving back. Learn more: abbotkinney.org. #nonprofit #LosAngeles
  • On Sun 9/25, 10-6, we'll have a booth at the amazing #AKF2016. Come by! abbotkinney.org
  • Thrilled to be in the #Venice community. Join us on 9/25 as we celebrate with the amazing #AKF2016: abbotkinney.org
  • Mark your calendar! The #AKF2016 is on 9/25 this year. Learn more & please share: abbotkinney.org. #LosAngeles #nonprofit

See more on this pdf you can download for easy reference.