2016 vendor registration closes
Thursday, September 1st!

All applications received after August 1st are charged an additional $100 late fee.

select your category to apply:

This is a juried show. Applications are reviewed on a first come, first serve basis.
Applications submitted in an incorrect category will be delayed in review and subject to decline.

Unique, original artwork or crafts created personally by the exhibitor. 

Examples: Paintings, ceramics, hand tooled leather goods, wood work, jewelry or personally designed graphics for clothing, posters, paper goods, home goods, etc. 


Unique, original graphic images products. We do not accept corporate / mass produced goods in this category.

Examples: Any item with a graphic image which is designed by the vendor but constructed by printer, employee or contractor.  Graphic clothing, posters, paper goods, home goods, signs.

Quality goods handmade by someone other than the exhibitor.  

Examples: Fair trade crafts.



Quality goods handmade by someone other than the exhibitor or an interesting mix of hand selected products.

Examples: Fair trade crafts, vintage clothing or furniture, indie boutiques with emphasis on non-mass produced products.

Must have proof of current 501(c)3 status as defined by IRS regulations.

Selling of merchandise requires Abbot Kinney Festival approval.




Non-profit, community or government organizations that do not fall under 501(c)3 criteria may apply for part of a shared community table. Community tables are provided one 6’ table to disseminate information from. Selling of goods other than logo merchandise is prohibited.

Local business selling or providing information about their services.

Examples: Yoga Studios, Massage Therapists, Dive Lessons, Dance Lessons.



Factory Produced merchandise or applicant with multiple retail locations.
Includes “Food Sampling Only” Vendors. 

If a company does not fall under the previous artisan categories, they are generally classified as commercial. 

 Pre-packaged Only

Handmade delicacies and treats such as baked goods, chocolate, sauces, oils, spices, jerky, coffee and tea.
(This category does not allow for any preparation on site.)



All exhibitors must:

  • Check in at your designated entrance street only.

  • Display your Loading / Unloading Permit in order to drive to your booth location.

  • Unload and exit immediately. Do not keep your car by your booth while you set up.

  • Remove your vehicle by 9am or it will be towed.

Entry and Exit Assignments:

If you arrive at the wrong vendor entrance, you will not be admitted; you will be re-directed to the correct street.

Whole Foods Market Green Scene Exhibitors/Sponsors:
Enter at Broadway Court & Electric Avenue

KidsQuad Exhibitors and Sponsors:
Enter behind Westminster Elementary School, at Westminster & Rivera

Booth # 1 - 120:
Enter at Broadway and Electric

Booth # 121 - 364
Enter at Santa Clara and Electric

Booth # 365 - 500:
Enter at California and Electric

Booth # 501 - 729:
Enter at Venice and Abbot Kinney


  • The Festival closes at 6:00 pm. You can drive onto the street to pack up only after the LAPD deems it safe.

  • You must use the same street you were assigned to enter to maintain a One-Way flow of traffic.

  • Display your Unloading-Loading Permit to gain access from Security to get back on the street.


The festival office will be staffed on festival day from 6:30 am to 6:30 pm. Also, throughout the day, volunteers will be roving the area and manning the Festival Headquarters at
1219 Abbot Kinney
to answer your questions.

A few tips to help things run smoothly and make the day fun!

  • Booths are numbered in 10' increments with #1 starting at Main Street and increasing towards Venice Blvd.  All odd numbered booths correspond with the odd number side of the street addresses and the even booth numbers are on the even side. 
  • A placard will be on each booth with the Vendor's name and booth number for easy identification.
  • Approximately four weeks before the festival you will receive your booth assignment.  Please review the booth assignment roster for your booth assignment and if you paid for a corner space, make sure you have "corner" next to your company name.  For those had a special booth placement request , we made every effort to accommodate your request.  If you PAID the additional $125 fee and "'CORNER" is not indicated please email info@abbotkinney.org or call 310-396-3772. 
  • We are excited to announce we will again have a "Vendor Information - Abbot Kinney Festival HQ" booth location to be determined.  If you have any problems with your booth, canopy, etc. please come to this location so we can more efficiently assist you.
  • Also, just a friendly reminder about your booth presentation.  We photograph each vendor's booth and review them for your future participation.  Please maintain the integrity of your booth to mirror the image of your brand.  We discourage hand written signs, cardboard boxes, merchandise dumped into bins, etc.  

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Website: http://www.abbotkinney.org

Hashtag (Twitter, Instagram): #AKF2017